Sunday, February 24, 2008

Letter from the Palestinian International Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza to the Israeli peace movement

Dr. Eyad Sarraj writes on the arrival of the Gaza Relief Convoy in Gaza:
This important triumph is an indicator and a clear message to both our nations as well as the whole world, that we, Israelis and Palestinians, are still able not only to work together, but also to make achievements, and that all voices which claim that there are no more partners-in-peace among both sides are simply wrong. Both our nations still have genuine, sincere, and determined peace activists and advocates, and still have plenty of courageous men and women like you, who are ready to take the peace and justice struggle to end this ugly military occupation.

It was of our pride to be the body which delivered your peace and support message to our people in Gaza, and we are ready to continue working and cooperating with all of you to recover both our nations' faith in peace. The last couple of years were so difficult for peace camps on both sides, but we recognize January's march to Erez as a turning point and a new start which we all must embrace to rebuild trust in peace and in peace camps.
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