Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Latest from the U.N.

Recent stats from the January 29, 2008 Gaza Closure - Situation Report:
  • Access to Egypt and its shops may have provided some psychological respite from the closure of the Gaza Strip but 1.5 million Gazans still rely on Israel for all their supplies
  • Since January 18, a total of 32 truckloads of goods have entered the Gaza Strip from Israel. Prior to June 2007, 250 truckloads a day entered Gaza
  • The World Food Programme is unable to give a full ration of food to 84,000 of their poorest beneficiaries because of the closure
  • Israel is allowing a restricted amount of fuel to enter Gaza but only enough to ensure 75 per cent of Gaza’s electricity needs are met which does not allow for the proper function of public services
  • Due to limited reserves of fuel, the Gaza power plant has reduced its power output to 45 megawatts, causing power cuts of up to eight hours per day everywhere in Gaza except Rafah
  • Gaza’s waste water system is only partially functioning, leading to the daily dumping of 40 million litres of untreated sewage into the Mediterranean sea
  • Around 50 per cent of Gazan households have access to running water for only four to six hours
  • Egyptian police in conjunction with Hamas police in Gaza have established a degree of control over the Gaza-Egypt border
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