Sunday, February 10, 2008

Israeli Interior Minister: Eradicate all towns in Gaza from where rockets are fired

The above quote is credited to Meir Sheetrit on Israeli Army Radio and is running on the Ha'aretz news ticker. The New York Times uses a different version of the quote: “the army ought to 'make an example, to take a neighborhood in Gaza and erase it.'”

Another article about this quote from
Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit suggested obliterating a Gaza neighborhood in response to Saturday's Qassam fire on Sderot, saying "any other country would have already gone in and level the area, which is exactly what I thing the IDF should do – decide on a neighborhood in Gaza and level it."

Israel, he added should provide residents with due warning: "We should let them know 'you have to leave, this area will be taken down tomorrow' and just take it down – that will show them we mean business. Sporadic actions are good," added Sheetrit, "but they're not good enough."
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(Thanks to Mark Elf at Jews sans frontieres for pointing this quote out.)