Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Delayed supply convoy enters Gaza Strip

From Ma'an News Agency:
After two weeks of delay, aid gathered by a coalition of Israeli groups passed into the Gaza Strip at the Sufa Border Crossing near Kibbutz Kisufim on Monday.

On the Gaza side of the checkpoint it is planned that the convoy will be met by members of the Palestinian International Campaign to End the Siege, along with a number of other participating organizations.

MK Uri Avneri accompanied the convoy, reaffirming that the aim of this delivery is to break the siege of the Gaza Strip. Israeli peace activists who participated in collecting that aid described the siege on the Gaza Strip as "immoral and contradictory to international law."

"We appreciate this act of solidarity which represents the beginning of joint struggle between Palestinians and Israelis to secure peace for both sides," said Eyad Sarraj, chief of the international campaign for lifting the siege of the Gaza Strip.
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