Saturday, February 9, 2008

Latest from the U.N.: Electricity Shortages in the Gaza Strip

Recent stats from the Electricity Shortages in the Gaza Strip: Situation Report
8 February 2008
  • The majority of Gazan households have power cuts of at least eight hours per day. Some have no electricity for long as 12 hours a day.
  • Gaza ‘s power supply comes from three sources. This week it receives 17 megawatts from Egypt, 108 megawatts from Israel and 55 megawatts generated by its own power plant. This amounts to 180 megawatts, or 75 per cent of its estimated demand of 240 megawatts.
  • On Thursday, 7 February, the the Israel Electricity Company reduced its supply to Gaza by around 0.5 megawatts under the instruction of the Ministry of Defense. The cut was less than the 1.5 megawatts proposed but still adds to the existing shortfall of 60 mgw.
  • Power cuts place immense pressure on Gaza’s crumbling electrical grid impacting water and sanitation infrastructure, disrupting healthcare delivery and adding misery to the lives of civilians, as Gazans will continue to bear the brunt of the reduction of power.
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