Thursday, February 14, 2008

Al-Quds: Ceasefire document between Hamas and Israel


On February 14, the pro-presidency daily Al-Quds carried the following report by Jihad al-Qawasmi: “Al-Quds has learned that Israel is studying a document that is the first of its kind and includes a ceasefire initiative in Gaza between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This initiative calls for lifting the blockade of the Gaza Strip in return for ceasing fire and rockets against Israel. The designer of the initiative, journalist and lecturer in Al-Khalil University, who is known for his good relations with Fatah and Hamas, Khalid Al-Amayra said: “The initiative is still under consideration by concerned sides and the ball is in the court of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert since Hamas’ leaders in the Gaza Strip and abroad approved it.”

“Al-Amayra added that he launched the initiative in his capacity as an Islamic independent figure who is not a member of any party and after he received support from Rabin Menachem Froman, who affirmed to him that... some previous independent Israeli politicians, among them former Minister of the Israeli Army Amir Perez and other journalists and writers, support the initiative. Al-Amayra affirmed that many senior leaders in the Islamic Movement Hamas abroad and the ousted governments in Gaza approved this document without reservations.

“Al-Amayra said: “One of the most prominent Israeli commitments in the initiative is instantly canceling all sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip and ceasing all aggressive activities, especially the assassinations and ambushes. The Palestinian commitments are that the Palestinian authorities in the Gaza Strip should put an end for all attacks against Israel, impose a ceasefire and take responsibility for any violations of this agreement in the Gaza Strip.”

"Al-Amayra pointed out that this initiative represents a challenge for the Israeli government, which uses the launch of Al-Qassam rockets as a pretext for attacking the Strip."

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