Saturday, March 1, 2008

'We didn't expect to come to a place where there is a war'

From Ha'aretz:
Resident Walter Greenberg was not at home at the time a rocket slammed into his home, where his parents were staying. Greenberg told Haaretz that he received a telephone call from his parents, who were hard-pressed to describe what had just transpired.

"My father suffers from post-traumatic epilepsy and I'm very anxious about his situation," Greenberg, a man in his 20s, said. "Both of my parents were taken to a hotel in the city by the welfare services. Five years ago, we made aliyah from Argentina. We didn't expect to come to a place where there is a war. The thought that our house would get hit never occurred to us."

Ashkelon residents said that beginning Saturday night, they plan to block highways and demonstrate in protest of the ongoing rocket fire.

"The people in this city will not agree to pay the price that the residents of Sderot have paid in recent years," Ashkelon resident Maxim Attias said.

"The protest and the opposition to the situation needs to start now. Otherwise, we will come down with a case of battle shock just like the residents of Sderot, who have already lost their stamina."
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