Monday, March 3, 2008

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Maguire: Lift the Siege of Gaza

From Mairead Maguire's statement:
I believe it is important now for the real friends of Israel (I consider myself to be a friend of Israel and a friend of Palestine) to break the silence and demand Israel end the Siege of Gaza, end the Palestinian occupation, end house demolitions and settlement building, and enter into genuine dialogue with Hamas in Gaza and elsewhere. The IDF cannot be allowed to continue to collectively punish the people of Gaza and prevent the people receiving humanitarian supplies. Nor can the IDF continue with extrajudicial assassinations and revenge attacks. The International community cannot remain silent whilst the Israeli Government carries out such illegal actions. The British Government has a responsibility to put pressure on the Israeli Government to starts its lst phase of the Road map obligations and move towards a ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza and elsewhere.

We can all sympathize with Sderot’s residents, exposed to traumatizing Qassam rockets for the past 7 years and these attacks by Hamas should be stopped, and the captured Israeli solders released to their families. However, siege and collective punishment of one and a half million Palestinian men, women and children denied basic necessities, driven to near starvation, is not the answer. Indeed such actions encourage extremism.
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