Monday, March 3, 2008

"Organized destruction" in Gaza

The following was sent out this past weekend by a physician currently volunteering in a Gaza emergency room. They have asked that their name not be used out of fear of losing their Israeli visa. The physician reports:
The term here could be ‘chaos’ but the word I could also choose is ‘organized destruction’ from the Israeli side. Over the previous 48 hours 35 killed and around 75 injured. Last night to now in one hospital in Jabbalayeh a further 28 killed including 3 women and 10 under 16 the youngest being one week old. Less than 10% would be classed as ‘fighters’ the majority are civilians with varying injuries. Those with head and chest wounds from blast and shrapnel are, if they survive, among the seriously injured often transferred into Shifa Hospital from the peripheral smaller hospitals. (The total injured at this one hospital being 50 cases in last 24 hours). We are told 44 candles-cum-homemade rockets, incapable of being aimed specifically, into Israel with 10 injured in Israel in the same time.

Underlying all these tragedies is the fact that such sophisticated military destruction is being supported by US and Europe with silence from the rest of the world, there is little condemnation for the state terrorism or continuing collective punishment with the closure.
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