Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Abdul Karim Al Haw, a 14 year old participant in AFSC's Gaza program, killed in 2/29 Israeli invasion

From the AFSC website:

AFSC expresses its profound sadness that Abdul Karim Al Haw, a 14 year old participant in our Gaza Quaker Palestine Youth Program (QPYP), was killed on Friday, February 29 during an Israeli military invasion of the area. Six other children were killed in the same incident.

Abdul Karim lived in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. Amal Sabawi, director of the Gaza QPYP program, said "People I have talked to remember Abdul Karim as very friendly and a very good student. He would always motivate his peers to get more information about their lives and to understand how they could get involved to improve their conditions. He wanted to be a teacher and wanted to teach children about their society and their similarities and differences with other people. Finally, he was a loving brother who always took care of his younger siblings.

“We in Gaza are overwhelmed with the painful suffering of young people and children without any protection, and who have been deprived of their right to life. We wish to end this injustice, and for our young people and our children to live in dignity, freedom, and justice. We trust in the young people involved in the QPYP program to carry a message of love of life and determination to continue dreaming of peace and justice."

AFSC mourns with Abdul Karim's family. We continue to work for a future free of violence, where all peoples right to life, safety and dignity are honored.

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