Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life inside the siege of Gaza

Louise Waugh writing in the Scotland Sunday Herald:

Despite everything, the atmosphere in Gaza is stoic. The people I've spoken to feel the outside world doesn't care what happens to them. They ask me why the EU hates Palestinians so much it allows this siege to continue. Many told me they fear for their children's future: some fear for their own sanity.

When I started writing this I was sitting in my living room, listening to music as I typed. Half an hour ago there was a power cut, and the generator hasn't kicked in yet, so I'm peering at the keyboard by candlelight. The lights outside resemble those of a village, not a big city. Gaza is being dragged to its knees in the face of shameful silence from the international community, including the EU. I have no doubt that before I leave Gaza in a few weeks, there will be more power cuts, more pointless civilian deaths, and more deafening international silence.

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