Monday, January 28, 2008

Thousands of Palestinians and Israelis Demonstrate on Both Sides of the Gaza Border Against Blockade

From the Alternative Information Center: "On Saturday, 26 January, some 1,500 Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel from all around the country, including several Members of Knesset, gathered outside the Erez border crossing into the Gaza Strip under the banner “Gaza: Lift the Blockade!” The demonstration, coordinated by a number of participating organizations, was held in protest of Israel’s collective punishment of the 1.5 million citizens of the Gaza Strip.

The demonstrators arrived to the Erez border crossing in a convoy of 25 buses and over 100 cars and trucks, loaded with over three tons of collected foodstuffs—including oil, water, flour, chocolate and sugar—and medical supplies, with the intent to transfer the goods to Gazans in need." More >

Read more about the convoy on the Gush Shalom website here >