Monday, January 28, 2008

Congresspeople to Sec. Rice: End the blockade of Gaza

Led by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, 11 congresspeople wrote a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on January 23 asking her "to exert [her] influence to urge Israel to end its blockade of Gaza."

From the letter:
Moreover, the illegal blockade of Gaza exposes the shortcomings of President Bush's recent tour in the Middle East. Although he went to bolster a peace agreement between Palestinian and Israelis the United States blocked a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel's closure over the Gaza Strip. This reveals the Administration's inability to act as an honest broker.

The Administration has the responsibility and the authority to ensure that Israel comply with international law and protect the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza. I urge you to exert your influence to life the Israeli blockade of Gaza, to allow humanitarian aid workers to resume their functions in the territory, and to support a political solution to this conflict because Palestinians in Gaza cannot live on emergency aid forever and Israelis in southern Israel deserve to live without fear.
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